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CVE thrives to empower businesses and communities

What is Community Solar?

CVE thrives to empower businesses and communities to take part in the transition towards clean energy. In the United States, 80% of households cannot install solar at their homes. Rooftop solar may be inaccessible to renters, low-income households or houses with small or shaded roofs, and solar carports are usually only financially viable to large commercial properties. Thanks to ambitious state programs, CVE is developing innovative projects to make solar truly accessible to all.

Community Solar is a program sponsored by the Massachusetts’s Department of Energy Resource that allows residents to purchase discounted green energy produced on our solar farms without having to install solar panels on their roofs. The process is simple: CVE builds and maintains solar farm in local communities. The electricity produced is delivered to the grid and powers homes and businesses in the area. Working with the local utility provider, we allocate solar credits to community solar subscribers. Those credits – that represent the value of the energy generated minus our preferential discount -will offset the subscriber’s electricity bill and bring savings of up to 10%. While paying less for energy, subscribers can still use their electricity normally and support clean local power. You can learn more about community solar at halosolar.com.

Benefits of community solar

Community Solar has numerous benefits to subscribers:

Keep receiving electricity normally and keep your usual utility bill

No need to install panels of your roof

No upfront cost, No cancellation fee

Signing up online is easy and fast at halosolar.com

Save up to 10% on your electricity bill

Help support the local economy through the creation of local jobs in the installation and operation of our solar farms

Help reduce greenhouse gases and support local clean energy

Halo, our new community solar offer

In early 2019, CVE NA has launched its own Community Solar Brand: Halo. With Halo, customers can save up to 10% on their utility bill and contribute to clean energy development, without the cost or hassle of having solar put on their roof. Halo was tailored to answer the needs of an electricity consumer base that is environmentally conscious, technologically savvy, and eager to save money.

Our first community solar project was launched in early 2019 in Acushnet MA. The 650kw installation is now providing savings and clean energy to dozens of businesses and families in Massachusetts.

Learn more about halo and join our community solar program at halosolar.com

The SMART program, the start of community solar in Massachusetts

Community Solar has become the fastest growing segment of the solar industry through the establishment of ambitious state programs that regulate and incentivize solar development. In Massachusetts, the Department of Energy Resources leads Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) to build a long-term sustainable solar incentive program that promotes cost- effective solar development. An ambitious new player in the community solar sector, CVE ranked among the top ten solar developers in terms of capacity submitted to the SMART program in 2018. Seven installations,

totaling 36 MW DC, were submitted as community solar projects to SMART. Those community solar projects will be in operation by the end of 2020 and will service around 1,000 community solar subscribers.

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