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Talk to CVE about leasing or selling your land for a solar farm. We offer a free, no-obligation, site analysis and can quicky let you know the potential “solar value” of your property.

Our 2021 Integrated Report

The 2021 integrated report highlights our expertise and achievements through testimonials from customers and employees.

It also reflects the inclusion of financial and non-financial elements in our strategic vision and business model.

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Discover how CVE provides solar solutions to meet the energy needs of businesses and communities.

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Halo: Community Solar for Everyone

Sign up with our community solar solution, Halo, and you can save up to 10% off your electric bills and be a part of the renewable energy movement without installing a single solar panel.

Halo: Community Solar for Everyone

With our community solar solution Halo, you can be a change agent in the transition to alternative energy while saving up to 10% on your energy bill — no solar panels necessary.

52.5 GWH
of energy produced annually

equivalent of cars off the road per year

250 MW
under construction and development

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CVE North America is an independent power producer, delivering clean, renewable energy to our customers. We develop, finance and build solar plants to own and operate for the long term.

CVE embraces its role as a true corporate citizen and endeavors to foster positive societal values beyond the environmental benefits of our projects.

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