Solar rooftops

A flexible solution adapted for buildings

Why choose rooftop solar

At CVE, we believe electricity should be produced close to where it is consumed in a decentralized distributed generation model. It is also the case for renewable energy that should be sited where it is most needed, in harmony with its environment whether it is natural or urban. Urban areas and cities are an important part of our solar PV development strategy as they have some of the highest concentration of inhabitants and therefore the highest electricity consumption. However, they often lack the empty open land required to install traditional ground mounted PV installations. Rooftop solar power can provide the solution to this problem by eliminating the need for open space in solar panel installation.

Unlike ground mounted PV systems, rooftop PV installations are directly mounted on the rooftop of commercial, industrial, or agricultural buildings. Urban areas can provide a large amount of those empty rooftop spaces that can make a more adequate use of land in cities and provide electricity generation close to the points of consumption. Property owners that have solar installed on their roof can benefit from cost effective renovation and installation, and enhanced property value. They can also display a better more ecofriendly image for their business with a beautifully designed roof that produces carbon free electricity.

CVE’s Solar Rooftop solution

Developing photovoltaic rooftops and buildings to locate solar PV generation close to the points of consumption and preserve open space is part of our urban solar strategy in the US. CVE will work with rooftop PV experts to design, develop, operate, and maintain PV rooftop installations adapted to each customer’s needs.
Solar panels are fastened to the roof of a building using a custom integration system and hooked up to the electric grid to help power local residences and businesses. A rooftop solar system can also directly power the building on which it is installed.
In some cases, CVE can also help provide roofing and renovation services to ensure the roof is solid and watertight before installing the solar panels.

Our solar rooftop solution is flexible and includes several options:

  • New and existing buildings
  • Industrial rooftops
  • Agricultural rooftops
  • Possibility to consume the electricity onsite
  • Grid connected system

Benefits of solar rooftops

Reliable source of revenue for the duration of the project

Enhance the value of your real estate with solar panels

Possibility for CVE to renovate and maintain your roof

Onsite consumption options available through Power Purchase Agreement

Help the host company meet their sustainability goals with an installation that produces clean energy

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