Harvesting Sunshine: The Mutual Benefits of Leasing Land to Solar Developers

The Rise of Solar Leasing by Landowners

As the demand for renewable energy grows, more and more landowners are considering leasing their land to solar developers. At CVE, an experienced community solar developer, we understand the importance of building trust with landowners and strive to ensure their satisfaction through strong partnerships and a commitment to excellence and transparency even after contracts are signed.

Financial Compensation and Contributing to Renewable Energy Growth

One of the primary benefits of leasing land to solar developers is the financial compensation that landowners receive. Solar developers typically make a monthly payment for the use of the land as part of long-term leases, which provides a reliable source of income for landowners. In addition to the financial benefits, leasing land to solar developers also allows landowners to support the growth of renewable energy. As concerns about climate change and other environmental issues continue to grow, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and support clean energy sources.

To answer any concerns on the impact of solar development on the land and landscape, our team of local site originators carefully selects sites suitable for solar by taking into consideration respect for the natural environment and neighboring communities. At CVE, we are dedicated to working with landowners to minimize the impact of solar panels on the land and ensure that it is well-maintained and protected. We even provide detailed decommission plans to ensure minimal impact on the land at the end of the lease agreement. Finally, for all of our sites, CVE is implementing pollinator-friendly seed plantings to turn our solar sites into pollinator habitats and is enhancing the landscapes around its solar arrays with trees and shrubbery to limit potential visual impacts.

Another benefit of leasing land to solar developers is the opportunity for landowners to take an active role in their local energy systems. Community solar projects, like those developed by CVE, allow individuals and businesses to subscribe to a local community solar farm, which means that they receive solar credits on their utility bill corresponding to the energy produced by the solar site. Community solar programs also frequently give landowners and their surrounding communities opportunities for outreach and education. Landowners can benefit from these programs by learning more about the advantages of renewable energy and how they can help create a more sustainable future.

Key to Successful Partnership between CVE and Landowners

Transparency and open communication with our landowners and other stakeholders are important to CVE. We take care to inform the landowners about the development process and solicit their opinions.

Leasing land to solar developers can be a win-win situation for both the developer and the landowner. It gives landowners financial and non-financial benefits while enabling solar developers to access the land for the construction of renewable energy projects. We at CVE are dedicated to establishing trusting, lasting relationships with our landowners and ensuring their satisfaction by being open and attentive to their needs.

Interested Landowners can learn more here:https://www.cvenorthamerica.com/landowners-and-local-governments/

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