New MaRlborough

General Information

  • Utility Service Territory: National Grid
  • Project Size: 4,980 kW AC, 6,523 kW DC
  • Annual Estimated Production: 8,102 megawatt-hours

Environmental Benefits

  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 6,314 tons
  • Cars off the road per year: 1,237
  • Trees Planted equivalence each year: 9,471

Community Benefits

  • Homes powered:1,157
  • Community Solar subscribers: 176
  • Total expected yearly savings: $88,334
  • Green Initiative Donation: $16,500

As part of our Green Initiative CVE has made a donation to Greenagers based on the recommendation made by local advisors. This program will benefit local and visiting students in the Berkshires including in towns like New Marlborough and Tolland.  Greenagers is a nonprofit that provides employment and volunteer opportunities for teens and young adults in the fields of conservation, sustainable farming, and environmental leadership.

Technical Information

    • Number of Solar Panels: 16,308
    • Number of Inverters: 60 units
    • Total Acreage: 18.2

    New Marlborough, MA

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