Celebrating Growth and Unity:  CVE North America Team Day

This week, on the 26th and 27th of September, CVE North America marked a momentous occasion – our Team Day, a special off-site event designed to foster team building, personal growth, and company-wide unity. 

 A Glimpse into the Global Perspective 

Our team day kicked off with a comprehensive update on the company’s global landscape. Presented by our esteemed co-founders, the session provided a clear snapshot of our ongoing projects, construction updates, and a look at our financial KPIs. It allowed team members to gain a broader understanding of our number of employees, our evolving perspectives, and our expansion into new geographical and energy markets. This insightful presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session, encouraging open communication and engagement within the team. 

 Personal and Professional Growth Workshop 

Next on the agenda was an enriching session led by a certified coach and mindfulness expert from Triessence. The workshop presented essential tools for managing stress in our personal and professional lives, maximizing our potential and happiness, and creating a balanced life. Participants openly shared feedback, discussing individual strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a climate of support and mutual growth.  

One of the highlights of the team day was the exhilarating team bonding exercise – a boat-building challenge. Teams were tasked with constructing a boat using only three cardboard boxes. The goal was to make it float from one side of a swimming pool to another. This exciting activity not only provided ample laughter and enjoyment but also reinforced the importance of creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving within the team. 

 Looking Ahead 

This incredible team day concluded with a renewed sense of unity, purpose, and commitment to our mission at CVE North America. It underscored the importance of each team member’s role in the bigger picture and reinvigorated our collective energy for the promising journey ahead. 

As we continue to blaze a trail in the renewable energy sector, our fortified team stands united, ready to face new challenges and achieve unprecedented success. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting chapter together, committed to making a lasting impact on our environment and communities. 

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