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An independent power producer with a new vision of energy

An independent solar power producer and owner operator based in New York, NY, CVE North America develops, finances, builds and operates solar PV (photovoltaic) power plants throughout the Northeast. CVE is committed to providing long-term ecological solutions to meet the energy needs of businesses and communities. Competitiveness, energy efficiency and sustainability are key objectives which underpin the group’s activities and drive the ambitions of its members.
CVE supports a vision of the market based on decentralized power production and on a direct energy sales model. The Group’s goal is to meet the energy and environmental needs of businesses and communities by taking a service-provider approach. Energy is at the heart of CVE and fuels the activities of the group. The idea is simple: designing renewable energy solutions that fit the various needs of local governments, landowners, farmers, local industry, investors, and financial partners.

A passionate team with international energy expertise

CVE North America has the flexibility and approachability of a medium sized company and the skills, experience and financial assets of a large group benefiting from the international expertise of its parent company, CVE Group, which has been recognized for financing, building and operating ground-mounted solar installations in communities for 12 years. CVE Group has 530 MW in operations and construction in France, Chile, the United States and South Africa.

Above all, CVE North America is a group comprised of highly committed individuals who share the same core values and work together as a team. They have developed an industrial model that is unique, enabling them to address fundamental issues facing today’s world and become a leading player in the energy of tomorrow.

CVE North America Regional Executive Committee

Carolina Lopez Bautista

Operational Excellence & PMO Manager

David Froelich

Solar Business Development Director

Thibaut Delespaul

General Manager

Stephen Hackett

M&A and Finance Director

Ben Dereume

Technical Director

Irina Kogan


Courtney Dwyer

HR Manager

Daphné Moore

General Counsel

Our Team Members

Casey Bartkus

Project Developer

Daniel Benis

Junior Accounting Analyst

Manuel Campechano

Junior Solar Solutions Engineer

Jason Clark

Solar Site Originator

Carrie Cosentino

Project Developer

Wyster Desir

Solar Construction Project Manager

Steven Engelmann

Senior Business Developer

Nathalie Fouque

Senior Corporate Paralegal

Pierre Journel

Senior Project Developer

Ashley Jackson

Junior Accounting Analyst

Mark Livshin

Junior Solar Solutions Engineer

Joshua Lewis

Solar Site Originator

Brian Leonhard

Manager, Solar Site Origination

Benjamin Lobo

Solar Site Originator

Prafful Mangal

Senior Associate, Project Finance

Florence Masson

Assistant Project Developer

Antonio Matos

Administrative Assistant

Mary Marshall

Assistant Project Developer

Nassim Meziane

Solar Solutions Engineer

Suraj Mohan

Solar Operations Manager

Vishal Mohan

Accounting Analyst

Amal Mustafa

Associate, Financial Reporting & Accounting

Prathamesh Narkar

Solar Construction Project Manager

Joao Otavio Pauletto

Associate, Budget & Cost Control Reporting

David Ramos

Senior Procurement Manager

Mark Rasmussen

Solar Construction Project Manager

Kyle Richmond-Crosset

Analyst, Project Finance

Francois Roussenq

Project Finance VIE

Claire Rossie

Corporate Social Reponsibility & Impact Manager

George Saadeh

Solar Solutions Engineer

Rochelle Scheline

Solar Operations and Maintenance Engineer

Buddy Shively

Solar Site Originator

Jeremiah Simon

Communication and Community Outreach Coordinator

Benedetto Skirde

Engineering Trainee

Cristina Tapia

Solar Construction Project Manager

Sarah Wilder

Community Solar Manager

Ali Yildiz

Engineering Manager

Guided by the principle of nurturing the planet and its people, we aspire to establish tomorrow’s energy model for sustainable prosperity.


Our mission statement: “Putting people and the planet at the center of tomorrow’s energy”

1. Environmental Impact:

Producing energy from distributed generation resources with the goal of accelerating the clean energy transition of municipalities, companies, and the agricultural world, while minimizing the impact of CVE on the environment.

2. Human Impact:

Putting people at the heart of CVE’s corporate mission in order to promote individual and collective development, encourage excellence and foster the commitment of the men and women who support that mission.

3. Social Impact:

Imagining and building the energy models of tomorrow, in close collaboration with local stakeholders, by promoting shared governance and the creation of social and local value.

We’re proud to announce CVE North America’s B-Corp certification through our parent company, CVE Group, reinforcing our commitment to balance profit and purpose.

To manifest this vision, we abide by seven core commitments that guide our every action.

Commit to a new vision of energy: Renewable, produced and consumed locally

Take part in an ongoing industrial and environmental process

Choose quality as a driver of performance

Offer business models that are competitive for everyone

Take the lead in trust and transparency

Engage in a corporate citizenship approach

Share an adventure rooted in human responsibility and fulfillment

Better solar energy through quality and environmental management

Ever since the creation of CVE, we have made quality central to our business. It structures our organization, all of our processes, and our operational efficiency. It is what leads us to prioritize customer satisfaction with a focus on continual improvement. This commitment to quality has quickly earned CVE recognition for reliability and responsibility from its clients and partners, whether they are SMEs or Fortune 100 companies. CVE North America has become ISO 9001 certified in 2018 and renews its certification annually to remain compliant with the most recent version of the standard. In early 2020, CVE completed its environmental management training to become ISO 14001: 2015 certified. This certification sets out a framework that any organization must follow to design an effective environmental management system, providing assurance to company management and employees that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

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