Continuing Tradition of Community Engagement and Environmental Stewardship at Lenoir Preserve

 CVE North America at Lenoir Preserve June 6th 2023

A Day of Community and Environmental Stewardship  

June 6th, 2023, marked another milestone in CVE North America’s long-standing partnership with the Westchester Parks Foundation (WPF). Since 2019, CVE has been regularly volunteering at Lenoir Preserve, a 40-acre nature preserve located in Yonkers, NY. Our 6th volunteering event with the WPF was a day of environmental stewardship that included maintenance of the butterfly garden, planting bee-friendly species, mulching, and removal of invasive plant species. These diverse activities reflect our broader mission of promoting biodiversity and safeguarding native plant life. 

Strengthening Team Dynamics through Responsible Corporate Citizenship 

After a day’s hard work and an enjoyable outdoor lunch, the afternoon was dedicated to team-building activities, reinforcing our belief in fostering not just strong community environments but also robust team dynamics. Since adopting the Lenoir Preserve in 2019 as part of the “Adopt a Park” program, CVE North America has shown unwavering commitment towards supporting the communities we serve through regular volunteering activities and an annual donation of $5,000. Our contributions have ranged from planting trees to constructing a sugar shack for local maple syrup enthusiasts, contributing to a more vibrant and accessible Lenoir Preserve. 

Recognition and Ongoing Commitment 

Our consistent commitment to the community was recognized in 2021 when we received the Community Award from the Westchester Parks Foundation. This recognition is a testament to our determination to foster initiatives that strike a balance between clean energy generation and open space preservation. As we maintain our strong partnership with the Westchester Parks Foundation, we appreciate the critical role parks play in fostering connections with nature and promoting the importance of environmental protection. 

Looking Ahead: Towards a Cleaner, Greener Future 

CVE North America remains eager to sustain its partnership with the Westchester Parks Foundation and work towards a shared mission that is more important now than ever before. Through our community engagement initiatives, we aim to inspire more people to contribute to combating climate change. As we look forward to more years of collaboration, we are committed to protecting and enhancing our parks, trails, and open spaces for future generations to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates on how we are working towards a cleaner, greener future. 

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