CVE North America’s Green Initiative: Supporting nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts

New York, NY – August 01, 2023 – CVE North America, an independent power producer based in New York, is proud to announce a series of donations to nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts as part of its Green Initiative, a unique corporate philanthropy program focused on fostering environmental resilience, enhancing natural habitats, and promoting ecological awareness within local communities. For every solar panel installed, CVE has committed to donate $1 to a local non-profit organization, as chosen by community leaders and representatives from the project locations.

Dedicated to accelerating the clean energy transition, CVE currently operates nine solar projects in Massachusetts, which collectively deliver about 47 million kilowatt hours (“kWh”) of clean energy each year. Looking forward, CVE has another 13 projects under construction in New York State that will soon produce at least another 103 million kWh enough to power around 13,000 homes annually. Our commitment to deliver clean energy to communities is underlined by our company’s mission statement: “Put people and the planet at the heart of tomorrow’s energy.”

“Our company policy underscores the critical importance of environmental, human, and social impact in our operations,” says Shadé Jaiyeola, CVE’s Community Solar and Community Outreach Program Manager. “Through our Green Initiative, we are going beyond providing clean energy by supporting non-profits who are playing a critical role in safeguarding the local environment and keeping communities safe.

CVE has donated over $95,900 between 2022 and 2023 to various local non-profit organizations as part of its Green Initiative in Massachusetts. Beneficiaries range from environmental conservation groups like the Buzzard Bay Coalition and Berkshire Natural Resource Council to community support organizations such as the Southwick Community Food Pantry and Hilltown Community Ambulance Association.

Notable organizations supported through our donations include:

– The Buzzard Bay Coalition for their Snell Creek Conservation Project

– Greenagers for their climate change and nature educational program

– Southwick Community Food Pantry for their mission to alleviate local hunger

– Berkshire Natural Resource Council for their conservation efforts

– Hilltown Community Ambulance Association to help in acquiring a used ambulance

– Westhampton Firefighters Association for essential gear and equipment

– Friends of the Westhampton Library to improve their environmental education resources


For its New York portfolio CVE plans to donate an additional $133,000 to local organizations.


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About CVE North America:

CVE North America (CVE) is a local, independent solar power producer based in New York City since 2017. It combines the personal attributes of a small-to-medium-sized company with the skills, experience, and financial assets of a large group. With plans to expand to over 450 MW across the United States by 2026, CVE draws on the international expertise of its parent company, CVE Group, a certified B-Corp recognized for financing, building, and operating community-centric solar installations for 12 years. CVE Group operates over 530 MW in France, Chile, and South Africa, with an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest environmental and qualitative performance. CVE is ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certified.


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